Destination Languedoc

Languedoc FranceLanguedoc the “other” south of France probably outweighs its more famous neighbour with a surprising amount to see and enjoy. With an enviable climate and superb beaches this is a French holiday destination for the whole family. This Mediterranean coastline displays a mix of attractions ranging from modern resorts to historic fortified fishing ports, from the times when frontiers and land were often in dispute

The tall mountains of the Pyrenees provide a spectacular backdrop to the region and by venturing inland you’ll find a surprising variety of countryside.

The dominant wind of the Languedoc region is the Tramontane. The Tramontane is powerful, dry wind, and blows from the north or the northwest. It gathers its speed and power in the same way as the Mistral does, passing through the narrow corridor between the Pyrénéan Mountains and the Massif Central, in doing so it provides a cooling retreat on the hot summer days.

The medieval walled city of Carcassonne is a must to visit whilst in the region and the lively city of Perpignan has much to offer. If you enjoyed Dan Browns De Vinci Code then a visit to Rennes Le Chateau could be on the cards, legend has it mysterious treasure of the Knights Templar is hidden here.

Of course Mediterranean influences abound in local food, and there are some great dishes to sample, often flavoured with herbs from the countryside, including rosemary, thyme, sage and juniper. Local meat, especially lamb, is delicious as it is grazed on herbs in the countryside. Local wines now command worldwide interest, there are many excellent local artisanal producers. The rosé wines are particularly fine, and go well with the Mediterranean sunshine. Markets and local artisan producers offer a variety of produce, particularly in summer with a wide range of refreshing fruits available including water melon and apricots.

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